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Jothy Rosenberg

Entrepreneur, Author, Extreme Athlete, & Two-time Cancer Survivor, Empowers you to move from … “I can’t” to “I CAN!” 

“No one is left untouched by some sort of life knock-down from which they need to bounce back. If you’re dealing with an extreme challenge, you can come out better and stronger than ever, and I’ll show you exactly how to do it.” —Jothy

A speaker who is inspirational because he has experienced extreme life challenges and came out stronger than ever not someone who is a professional motivator. Jothy Rosenberg’s life changing talks will fill your group with hope and confidence that anyone can beat any obstacle life throws their way.Jothy’s highly motivating, inspirational keynotes are perfect for corporate and business conferences and events, universities, schools, hospitals, health and public service organizations, small businesses, parent and youth groups, schools and clubs. He also speaks to tech groups about launching and running successful startups and about his current work in cyber security.Keynotes

Who Says I Can’t (inspirational)

A talk for everyday people from an everyday person about how to overcome any challenge and triumph over unbearable odds. Audiences are fired up and inspired to replace “I Can’t” with “I CAN!”

Knocked down by three crises as a teenager (loss of leg, loss of lung, death sentence from metastasized cancer), and having to cope with all of this plus a year of chemotherapy as a college sophomore, Jothy fought back using sports to regain his self-confidence and to over-achieve, to the point where he became a highly competitive (some say extreme) athlete (with no regard for disability), and applied that self-confidence to other aspects of life earning a PhD, authoring three successful technical books, and becoming a serial high-tech entrepreneur. With a 43-year perspective he conveys simple but powerful (and frequently funny) lessons for how to survive, thrive and ultimately give back to not only overcome what knocks you down or holds you back, but to do better than you or anyone around you thought remotely possible. Specific themes from the book are highlighted through the telling of funny but inspiring stories:

  • Pretty good…considering is actually demeaning
  • A series of little victories ends up being really big
  • Building self-confidence back after a knock-down is critical
  • Normal schnormal…there’s no such thing as normal
  • Can’t is not an acceptable vocabulary word
  • Giving back is natural once you’ve given to yourself
  • Becoming an inspiration has to be an accident

His 4 min video, shown at the end of his talk, will motivate everyone in the audience to “get up and go do it” and never ever whine or make excuses again.


War Stories of an Incorrigible Entrepreneur (business, entrepreneurial)

Jothy draws on 20 years experience financing, launching and running eight high tech star ups to reveal what you must know to have a successful star up experience. Two companies he founded sold for over $100M. The others he calls “invaluable learning experiences.” Frequently, he combines the Inspirational and Entrepreneurial into a single talk.


Understanding Our Differences (for kids, primary and secondary)

For kids Jothy gets especially interactive. He challenges them about what they would do if their friend suddenly got knocked down hard, was in the hospital, was changed and had to deal with a disability. He shows them his prosthesis and tells the story about how he came about needing it. The kids stay glued to their seats as they hear the heart-rending story that still keeps a constant optimistic and sometimes funny backdrop. He teaches kids what it takes to fight back against limitations life or others place on us. To keep things moving and the kids engaged, he inserts his ~4 min video of his extreme (one-legged) sports exploits in the middle of the talk. After some Q&A to let the kids get their pent up questions in, he does some demonstrations that totally wow the kids. At the end, when every kid gets a blue plastic wrist band that says “Who Says I Can’t” the kids vow to eliminate the word Can’t from their classes and their lives.

“Your positive and hopeful words and deeds serve as a reminder to all of us of what can be achieved in life with a positive attitude and perseverance.”

—Jim Wilbur, Lesley University

“In a world overflowing with hype and artifice, Jothy’s journey and triumph is real and inspirational. He is a true role model.”

—Billy Starr Founder Pan-Mass Challenge


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Jothy Rosenberg was 16 when he lost his right leg to a deadly bone cancer and 19 when the cancer spread to his lungs. Things got worse when his doctor warned: “When this cancer metastasizes, no one has ever survived.” That’s when young Jothy left home to become a ski bum until he dropped dead. But 40 years later, Jothy is not only still alive — he’s living the life of his dreams! In his inspirational, life-changing talks, he reveals the powerful, actionable steps he used to beat the odds, put his life back together, and not just survive, but thrive. Today, Jothy devotes his life to helping people move from “I Can’t” to “I CAN!” Jothy Rosenberg is an entrepreneur who has founded and run high-tech startups since 1988. He’s the author of three successful technical books, and the inspirational Who Says I Can’t, the story of how, as a two-time cancer survivor, he used sports to regain his self-esteem and rebuild his life. He’s a black-diamond skier, class IV whitewater rafter, competitive open water swimmer, and long-distance bike rider. Doing bike-a-thons and other athletic events, he has raised over $120,000 for the world-renowned Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. Jothy has received the Heroes Among Us Award from the Boston Celtics and the Katie Lynch Inspirational Speaker Award. He’s the creator and host of the TV series Who Says I Can’t, which features stories of incredible men and women who have suffered a life knock-down and used sports to rebuild their lives.  



Two words have the power to change a person’s outlook: “Good, considering…” Jothy Rosenberg heard this his whole life, starting at age sixteen when bone cancer led to the amputation of his right leg. Three years later, when cancer forced the removal of a lung and acted like a death sentence, Rosenberg grew tired of only being “good, considering” his disability, and in the decades since has used athletics and entrepreneurship to transform his disability into a “superability.” In Who Says I Can’t, Rosenberg shows how anyone can overcome life’s obstacles, and how when the world says you can’t, courage and determination prove that you can.

“Anything is possible, and Jothy’s courageous journey proves that. In his book, you find the inspiration to take the first steps yourself toward a life of greater happiness and well-being.”

—Uta Pippig, legendary marathoner and founder of Take The Magic Step

“Jothy Rosenberg is not a celebrity but an Everyman which gives his wrenching story of astonishing grit its inspirational power. For anyone trying to turn a cancer diagnosis, major disability, or even a major life challenge into a character-building experience, this well-written book is indispensable.”

—Jonathan Alter, award-winning author, columnist, TV commentator, cancer survivor

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