Past engagements


Boston App Expo

24 Sep 2014
Hynes Convention Center, Boston

“Jothy kept the audience captive and engaged throughout the entire keynote presentation at the Boston App Expo. The attendees were not only moved but also motivated. In addition, Jothy’s integrity, knowledge, and method of presentation added much value to Boston App Expo. I, as an entrepreneur and director of multiple events, highly recommend Jothy for any speaking engagement.”

— Farzad Wafapoor, Founder and Director


Limb Loss Education Day

16 Aug 2014
Spaulding Hospital
Boston, MA

“Jothy Rosenberg, PhD, spoke at the Amputee Coalition’s Limb Loss Education Day in Charlestown, Massachusetts. His Inspirational speech was well received by all those in attendance. During his speech, he shared information on his journey, his life with an amputation as well as several home videos and most notably, a video of him dancing with his daughter at her wedding. He received great reviews and we would love to have him speak again should the opportunity present itself again.”

— Kandace Massenburg, Marketing Director


Mid-Atlantic Club Management Association

24 July 2014
Annapolis, MD

“Jothy Rosenberg was one of the Keynote Speakers for our 2014 Annual Conference in Annapolis. He shared his amazing story of overcoming challenges and consistently taking on new ones. I think it left everyone in the audience, which was made up of health and fitness professionals, feeling empowered and inspired both personally and professionally.”

— Kerry Campbell, executive director, MACMA

CCD Spag Dinner 2014 copy.indd

Cheshire (NH) County Democrats

3 May 2014
Keene, NH

“You did a fantastic job! You really could have heard a pin drop during your talk. I’ve heard so many good things last night and today. You were just the inspiration we needed.”

— JoAnn Fenton, event chair, Cheshire County Democrats


Springfield College

14 April 2014 Springfield, MA

“Jothy Rosenberg’s speech was both educational and empowering.  He taught us to follow our dreams and do what gives our own lives meaning, even if it means straying from the traditional route.”

–Lauren Wackowski, leader Springfield College Leadership Training Conference


PMC Kids Ride Cocktail Party Fundraiser

29 March 2014 Bedford, MA

 “Jothy – I just wanted to thank you again for sharing your personal story at the Pan Mass Challenge Bedford Cocktail Party. Your heroic story was inspirational and touched us all. Your presentation was engaging, emotional and resonated with everyone. The video clips of your accomplishments were empowering and it was wonderful to learn more about the work you are doing through your Foundation. Our guests are still talking about you. Thank you so much for your time and support. I greatly admire your courage, strength and devoted PMC spirit!”

–Amy Mason, founder, leader the PMC Bedford Kids Ride annual cocktail party fundraiser

Healthy Living Expo

20 April 2013
Belleville, ON

“Just days after the tragic events at the Boston Marathon and moments before the lockdown of the city, Jothy began his drive up to Canada to speak to us at The Healthy Living Expo in Belleville, Ontario. As a cancer survivor, amputee and extreme athlete, Jothy’s message of determination and courage was deeply inspiring. But add to this the knowledge of all of those newly injured in the horrific events of the marathon, and his underlying message of hope, support and the importance of acceptance and strength in the face of adversity became even more poignant. Rosenberg is an ambassador of hope and courage. He teaches us that only we can determine our abilities and our worth. Jothy is a living reminder that where there is a will, there is a way. Thank you Jothy for making the journey and for sharing so much of yourself with us.”

–Amy Doyle, founder The Healthy Living Expo, Ontario, Canada

BU Sargent College Drench lecture series

11 April 2013
Boston, MA

“I want to express my sincerest thanks for giving such an inspiring lecture on April 11. As reflected by the large turnout and wonderful feedback I have received, it was very well received within the Boston University and Sargent College communities. Meredith Drench, the SAR alumna for whom the lecture series is named, was unable to attend but I know she would have enjoyed your talk.”

— Gail Waters, PhD, Dean, BU Sargent College of Rehabilitation Sciences

Dana Hall School

27 February 2013
Wellesley, MA

“Thanks for much for your day at Dana! Your story and the stories of the others your shared, will never be forgotten. They inspired everyone who was there: the students, faculty as well as the parents at night. In addition, the way you worked with our two physically challenged girls, was heart warming, and showed the natural teacher in you. Thanks from all of us at Dana Hall School”

— John Suby, Director of Athletics, Health, and Wellness

Center for Human Development

13 November 2012
Springfield, MA

“Jothy’s life experience really resonated with the clients of both our Cancer House of Hope and Disability Resources. He helped bring the stories of both of these vital community programs together during an important fundraising and awareness building event. His personal stories were captivating and moving to us all regardless of our positions in life. Our young Disability Resources members were particularly inspired by this guy who faced seemingly insurmountable barriers, but never let anything get in his way. The entire room was riveted during his presentation.”

— Jim Goodwin, President/CEO, Center for Human Development

Middlesex Community College

20 November 2012
Lowell, MA

“Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to come to MCC. I have run into at least 7 students who attended and each one commented that attending this event was so inspirational and motivating to their own personal struggles. ”

— Faithe MacElliott, Learning Specialist

Mass Bay Community College

1 November 2012
Wellesley, MA

“Thank you again Jothy for your inspirational talk. Clearly you demonstrate the qualities that the maligned Italian Machiavelli stated about entrepreneurs ‘who understand that there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage'”

— Guy Lochiatto, Business Professor

US Army Natick Soldier Systems Center

24 October 2012
Natick, MA

“Rosenberg has been exhibiting a ‘can do’ attitude since 1973, when as a high school sophomore, he lost his right leg to a rare form of bone cancer. He came to Natick Soldier Systems Center to tell his story as part of Disability Employment Awareness Month.”

— Bob Reinert/USAG-Natick Public Affairs

Sprague Energy

9 October 2012
Chelsea, MA

“I was looking for a motivational speaker to come in and give a talk to our managers. I saw your name and story and it sounded amazing.”

— Lance Durgan, Manager, Everett Terminal

Newton South High School

21 September 2012
Newton, MA

“Jothy enthralled our entire student body and faculty with his authentic, challenging, personal story of persevering and triumphing through adversity. At times funny and serious, always respectful and real, Jothy has a way of connecting with his audience in a way that left none untouched. He was certainly a highlight of our One School One Book event!”

— Joel Stembridge, Principal Newton South High School

Good Samaritan Medical Center

9 June 2012
Stoughton, MA

“Stronger in Mind, Body and Spirit was the theme of our 2012 Cancer Survivor Celebration. As the keynote speaker, Jothy Rosenberg demonstrated that he truly personifies that theme. His powerful story resonated with the audience and provided us all with hope and inspiration. His approach to life is a testament to the notion that the human spirit can allow us to overcome any challenge.”

— Eric Wojcik, Director of Oncology

Shanton ALS Foundation

23 October 2011
Clifton, VA

“Thanks a lot for speaking at our first Shanton ALS Foundation fund raiser.”— Greg Shanton, founder

Healthy Living Expo

14 May 2011
Kingston, ON

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“Jothy was fabulous! We really feel very lucky to have had Jothy speak at our Healthy Living Expo. He was engaging, entertaining and very inspiring! I would recommend Jothy as a speaker for any number of events and we would love to have him speak at another of our events here in Canada some time soon!”— Amy Doyle, owner, Midpoint Productions

Lesley Threshold Graduation

6 May 2011
Cambridge, MA

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“On behalf of our graduates and the entire Threshold community, I would like to express my gratitude for your wonderful commencement address.Your message sent a resounding confirmation to our students, who like yourself, have rebounded and reached milestones in their lives that most people said would never happen. They are all survivors of much adversity and face huge personal challenges every day of their lives.Your positive and hopeful words and deeds serve as a reminder to us all, and especially to the graduates, of what can be achieved in life with a positive attitude and perseverance.”– Jim Wilbur, director, Threshold Program


11 April 2011
Los Gatos, CA

“Thanks a lot for visiting Netflix, your lecture left a big impression on all of us! It was great to learn from your experience helping found eight tech startups and making big inroads in adopting cloud computing. Your personal story of a cancer survivor who overcame major physical limitations to become an extreme athlete and excelled professionally is truly amazing and inspired everyone in the audience. It was a pleasure having you over, best of luck with your outreach work!”— Yury Izrailevsky, director, cloud and systems infrastructure

NEHRSA Fall Meeting Keynote

19 Oct 2010
Danvers, MA

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“Thank you so much for presenting the Keynote Address at the NEHRSA Fall Conference & Fitness Expo last week at the Crowne Plaza in Danvers, MA. It was wonderful to have you on our program. You are an amazing person and you have a fabulous story that inspired everyone in attendence!Thanks so much for helping to make the NEHRSA Fall Conference & Fitness Expo a huge success!”— Jan Woodman, executive director

Motivational Talk

6 Oct 2010
ESPN Headquarters
Bristol, CT

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“I had the privilege of meeting Jothy in May 2010 at a fundraiser for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. He gave me a copy of his book and said he was creating a television program. His story, as well as his self-confidence and positive attitude, struck me. I knew Jothy would be an excellent person to help ESPN celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month. He’s the living, breathing definition of what it means to be ENABLED. And it’s not because of his disabilities. His message of perseverance and strength, particularly after life has knocked you down, motivated our diverse workforce and reminded them all that anything is possible.”— Scott Pentoney, Content & Events Chair for ESPN ENABLED

Book talk and signing

9 Sep 2010
Barnes & Noble
Burlington, MA

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“We were so glad to have [Jothy] here and host his event. The turnout was outstanding — more than even our famous authors pull in.”— Dee Mandolese, community relations manager

Management Grand Rounds

4 Aug 2010
Children’s Hospital
Boston, MA

“I wanted to express how thankful my colleagues and I are for your frank honesty with the stories you shared. When a person chooses to share their experience in such a candid, honest way, we have a responsibility to listen and learn. I believe that was what occurred yesterday; you shared your experiences in a manner that was both informative and inspiring. Looking around the room yesterday it appeared they were hanging on every word and accepting your gift to them.”— Jeff Cardini, MS RN, organizer

Medical Presentation

10 May 2010
Beatrice Hunter Cancer Institute
Dalhousie University
Halifax, NS

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“It’s rare to come across an individual who can talk in this way, engaging both medical people and members of the general public. Jothy has the insight to describe his experiences well yet also bring in a clear perspective of how it feels to undergo these procedures. His positive approach is an inspiration that makes it hard for the audience to leave the room when the talk has ended”— Jonathan Blay, scientific director, BHCRI

Motivational Talk

16 Mar 2010
Naval War College
Newport, RI

Speaking to officers studying at the War College

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“Dr. Jothy Rosenberg delivered a very special Lecture of Opportunity at the Naval War College, addressing U.S. and international military students as well as faculty and staff. Dr. Rosenberg shared his thoughts on overcoming adversity and what he has learned over the past 37 years in the hope it accelerates learning for those in a similar situation and motivates and inspires those just needing a little lift.”— Press Release, Naval War College

Motivational Keynote

13 Mar 2010
First American Title
Orlando, FL

2010 annual eastern division sales meeting

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“There are so many great take-a-ways from Jothy’s moving and motivating life story, the drive and determination that are exhibited in his everyday life is truly moving, the more familiar you become with his journey, it’s impossible to not become introspective and challenge yourself to achieve anything you set your mind to.”— Rich Cannan, chief operating officer

Motivational talk

8 Feb 2010
DuVine Adventures
Sumerville, MA

All-company motivational talk

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“What impressed me the most is that Jothy’s story is one of motivation, not woe is me, of pursuing your passions, whoever you may be and whatever your circumstance. His passion for life is palpable, and his determination interminable. We could all learn a lesson from Jothy.”— Andy Levine, president

Understanding Our Differences

28 Jan 2011
John Eliot (all grades)
Needham, MA

“Thanks again so much for coming to Eliot today. Your presentations were wonderful, and the ‘buzz’ at the end of the school day was amazing. Jacquie and I just received a note from an Eliot mom, who said that your presentation must have been very powerful and impressive, since her 2nd grader shared all of the details with her as soon as he walked in the door this afternoon!”— Martha Cohen Barrett, disabilities program coordinator