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“Who Says I Can’t” is a show that tells the story of brave and determined people as they overcome disabilities and become athletes. The program will feature the “up close and personal” style of Olympic features combined with the heart-warming community elements of “Extreme Makeover” mixed with the excitement of “The Amazing Race.”


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“Who Says I Can’t” is hosted by Jothy Rosenberg, a cancer survivor, entrepreneur, and extreme athlete. Jothy was knocked flat when he lost a leg and then a lung to cancer as a teenager. With an experimental treatment, he beat the odds and survived. But to really build back his self confidence and self esteem and truly thrive, he turned to sports and became an avid skier, swimmer and biker. He also earned a PhD in computer science and has started various high tech companies. 

In each episode Jothy introduces a different individual who was knocked flat in life like he was: whether through birth, trauma or disease. He goes to their location and tells their story using interviews with them, family members, friends, supporters. You will see how low they got and then, you will see how they overcame, built back their self esteem and thrived too. In part II of each episode, Jothy participates with our guest in whatever athletic endeavor they have perfected. Whether it’s rock climbing a vertical face, competing in a triathlon, surfing, tennis or whatever sport they love, Jothy will say “Who Says I Can’t” and give it his best shot.

Our First Three Inspiring Stars

Maureen McKinnon Kelly Bruno
Hugh Herr

Maureen McKinnon fell in an accident while innocently walking her bike along a seawall. Within seconds, after she fell 13 feet onto the rocks below, she knew she would require a wheelchair for the rest of her life. While paralyzed from the waist down, Maureen has been anything if held down. She discovered sailing as a way to rebuild her body and her confidence. She doesn’t just sail, she races and wins at sailing and was the first woman to win gold in paraolympic sailing in Beijing. For this episode, Jothy had to compete against Maureen on a brisk spring day sailing in Boston Harbor.

Kelly Bruno was born with a birth defect caused by a yellow fever vaccine her mother took while pregnant, Kelly has never known anything other than being a below knee amputee. Like many other people faced with a disability, she never gave in and never gave up. In fact, by the time she was in high school, Kelly was setting records in amputee track events. She went on to win gold in triathlons, was a participant on the TV show Survivor: Nicaragua and is now a medical student. In her episode, Jothy had to compete with Kelly in a mini triathlon.

Hugh Herr lost both legs below the knees from frostbite while climbing Mt. Washington. Herr became a professor at MIT focusing on robotics. He’s developed and patented special microprocessors for knee and ankle prosthetics. He also runs a camp in Florida for disabled kids. And since he is one of the best rock climbers in the world (not best amputee rock climbers, best rock climbers period), Jothy had to try rock climbing with Hugh for the first time in his life.

“Who Says I Can’t” will also feature special editions focusing on injured returning vets as they fight to fit back into society after their sacrifice. Soldiers like Luke Murphy who joined the Army while still in high school and returned from one tour in Iraq without a scratch. Just 20 days before an honorable discharge, he got orders to go back to Iraq. Eight months into his second tour Luke was in Sadr City after midnight in April 2006 when his Humvee got hit by an IED. He lost both legs but has become an avid skier.

“Who Say I Can’t” will be a positive vehicle in a marketplace full of negativity. It will be a show to encourage, to cheer, to laugh and to cry with. It will be about men and women with character who reach down deep inside themselves and pull out of their disability. The show will celebrate their strength and courage and inspire and teach all of us how to never give up.


Can Do Productions, LLC is a new production company to bring this show to viewers. 


Jothy Rosenberg, in addition to only having one leg and one lung, also has a PhD in computer science, was on the faculty of Duke University for 5 years, authored 3 technical books (as well as Who Says I Can’t), and founded 8 high tech companies. His charity athletic events include the Pan-Massachusetts Challenge bike-a-thon supporting the Dana-Farber cancer institute 10 years, and the Alcatraz Sharkfest swim 19 times to support Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program. Jothy lives (and swims, and bikes) in Wayland, Massachusetts.


Steve McCarthy is a director and Emmy Award winning producer with more than 30 years experience in network TV News and documentaries. After staff jobs with 60 Minutes and Dateline, McCarthy started his own production company “McCarthy Productions, Inc.” Besides producing for 60 Minutes, Dateline, Discovery, the NBC Nightly News and the Today Show, McCarthy also produced and directed the independent film “Finding Paddy.”

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